Rhea Myers


Evie suggests that draw-something’s shapes need holes. I agree, my drawings are riddles with holes, and it’s something I’ve put off far too long. So holes it is.

The underlying design principle of draw-something is to start with code that does nothing and extend that. :-) So I need a do-nothing hole maker. Then I can build on that. I think I’ll start with convex-hull outer shapes, as I won’t have to worry about how to draw inside the “tendrils” that the unsorted shapes have.

Should holes be drawn around or inside by the drawing algorithm? I think inside, to match how I draw holes, but this will require an inside/outside switch on the drawing algorithm. Shouldn’t be too hard.

draw-something can now outline a 1000 line scribble in two to three minutes:
![](/images/Pasted Graphic A.jpg)

Not bad. I’ll optimise it more another time.