Type Opposite Images 1 (2023) Ethereum ERC-721 NFT

2023-01 SOLO SHOW The Ego, and It’s 0wned. Nagel & Draxler Berlin
2023-01 PROFILE Conceptualism Rehashed. Outland Magazine
2023-01 BOOK Proof of Work: Blockchain Provocations 2011-2021. By Rhea Myers
2023-01 SHOW Proof of Concept. Gillman Barracks, Singapore
2023-01 NEW WORK AVAILABLE The Ego, and It’s 0wned
2023-01 NEW WORK AVAILABLE Type Opposite Images
2023-01 NEW WORK AVAILABLE Is Art (Token)
2023-01 NEW WORK AVAILABLE Facecoins

2022-12 AQUISITION Titled (Information as Property as Art). Buffalo AKG
2022-12 SHOW Peer To Peer. Feral File / Buffalo AKG
2022-12 NEW WORK AVAILABLE Titled (Information as Property as Art)
2022-12 INTERVIEW On art as a playground of ideas. The Creative Independent
2022-11 SHOW Not About Money. Sea World Culture and Arts Center Shenzhen
2022-10 SHOW DYOR (do your own research). Kunsthalle Zürich
2022-09 ARTICLE Is Blockchain a Medium? Right Click Save
2022-09 SHOW Valentin Hauri & Rhea Myers. Last Tango, Zürich
2022-09 SHOW NFTism: No Fear in Trying. The Stables, London
2022-07 BOOK CHAPTER Radical Friends. Edited by Ruth Catlow & Penny Rafferty
2022-06 SHOW Proof of Art. Francisco Carolinum, Linz
2022-06 SHOW/AUCTION Natively Digital. Sotheby’s, London
2022-04 SHOW Breadcrumbs: Art in the Age of NFTs Galerie Nagel Draxler, Cologne
2022-02 SHOW NfTNeTArT. panke.gallery and OFFICE IMPART
2022-02 ARTICLE Rhea Myers & McKenzie Wark. Outland

2021-10 PODCAST Protocol Art Pioneer Rhea Myers. Interdependence
2021-Q4 MAGAZINE ARTICLE Spike Art Magazine #70


2014-09 SHOW The New Sublime. Phoenix Brighton, UK

Rhea Myers, BC, Canada