Rhea Myers




28th January — 15th April 2023. The Ego, and It’s 0wned, Nagel & Draxler Berlin.



8th September — 7th October 2023. GEN/GEN: Generative Generations, Gazelli Art House, London. (Mixes, PostScript Viruses, Surgical Strike, draw-something)
2nd September — 12th November 2023. Exploring the Decentralized Web - Art on the Blockchain, HEK, Basel. (Is Art (Token), Type Opposite Images, The Ego and It’s 0wned, Certificate of Inauthenticity)
1st — 3rd September 2023. Proof of X (miniature version), art stage, Osaka.
19th August — 24th Sep 2023. Notes From the Ether: From NFTs To AI, ArtScience Museum, Singapore. (Titled)
17th — 25th June 2023. Proof of X Vol.2: Blockchain as a New Medium for Art, THE FACE DAIKANYAMA, Tokyo. (Is Art (Token), Tokens Equal Text)
6th — 15th January 2023. Proof of Concept, Gillman Barracks, Singapore. (Certificate of Inauthenticity)


December 2022. Peer To Peer, Feral File / Buffalo AKG. (Titled)
November 2022. Not About Money, Sea World Culture and Arts Center. Shenzhen.
8th October 2022 — 15th January 2023. DYOR (do your own research), Kunsthalle Zürich.
2nd September — 12th November 2022. Valentin Hauri & Rhea Myers, Last Tango, Zürich.
24th — 25th March 2022. Start Summit Forum (Nagel & Draxler), St.Galen, Switzerland. (Facecoin).
19th February — 15th March 2022. NfTNeTArT, panke.gallery and OFFICE IMPART, Berlin.


11th — 25th September 2021. NFTism: No Fear in Trying, The Stables, London.
10th June — September 15th 2021. Proof of Art, Francisco Carolinum, Linz.
3rd — 10th June 2021. Natively Digital, Sotheby’s, London. (Secret Artwork (Content))
12th May — 21st August 2021. Breadcrumbs: Art in the Age of NFTs, Galerie Nagel Draxler, Cologne.


27th June — 10th October 2020. Crypto Manifold, Chronus Art Centre, Shanghai, China. (Bad Shibe, story and installation of Lina Theodorou’s illustrations)


24th — 26th June 2019. Crypto Valley 2019, Switzerland. (Blockchain Aesthetics)
18th May 2019. RARE AF 2, Bushwick Generator, Brooklyn, USA. (Tokens Equal Text)
May 2019. Hacking Creative Composition, CADAF, New York, USA. (Local Maxima, Blockchain Aesthetics)


10th — 11th December 2018. Ó̵̞͠O̸̮͠ͅP̷͔̊͝S̵̡̱̑.̵̻̯̏͘.̶̜́͛.̷͔̑ : Obfuscating Ownership: Privacy & Sousveillance, University of Hertfordshire Art & Design Building, London, UK. (Blockchain Aesthetics)
15th November 2018 — 11th January 2019. { PERFECT & PRICELESS } - Value Systems on the Blockchain, Kate Vass Galerie, Zurich, Switzerland. (Blockchain Aesthetics)
8th September — 21st December 2018. Proof of Work, Schinkel Pavilion, Berlin, Germany. (Secret Artwork (Subject))
1st — 2nd August 2018. Secrets, San Francisco Mint, San Francisco, USA. (Secret Artwork (Content))
26th — 29th July 2018. Distributed Systems, Gray Area’s Grand Theatre, San Francisco, USA. (SchellingFlags)
11th — 12th May 2018. Sentimental Value, Ethereal NY, New York, United State. (Is Art and Blockchain Aesthetics)


24 September — 28 October 2017. Demo Day, Kunstraum LLC, Brooklyn, USA. (DEMODAY)
30th August 2017. Øx, Ethereal NY, New York, United States. (Is Art)
20th May — Sunday 25th June 2017. New World Order, Furtherfield Gallery, London, UK. (Bad Shibe)


15th January — 21st February 2016. Jerwood Encounters: Common Property, Jerwood Visual Arts, London, UK. (Shareable Readymades)


3rd - 4th December 2015. Trading Floor, Pakhuis De Zwijger, Amsterdam, Netherlands. (Facecoin)
17th October — 22nd November 2015. The Human Face of Cryptoeconomies, Furtherfield Gallery, London, UK. (Facecoin, Shareable Readymades)
October 2015. AUTOMATIC-0, Espacio Byte. (Bitcoin Aesthetics)


6th-28th September 2014. The New Sublime, Phoenix Brighton, UK. (Facecoin)


21st March 2013. Dirty New Media, The Barber Institute of Fine Arts, Birmingham, UK. (#arthistory)


16th March — 22nd October 2012. Form@ts, Jeu de Paume Espace Virtuel, Paris, France. (Balloon Dog)


April 2011. Free Yourself?, Penryn Town Hall, Cornwall, UK. (Urinal)