Rhea Myers

Free Culture Roundup


Publishers and learned societies are fighting a last ditch action to stop the research findings of thousands of British academics being made freely available online.


why can’t DRM be made open source?

Microsoft abandons its customers AND copyright to kiss up to Hollywood

DRM apologists claim that DRM can be used to model the preponderance of fair uses, but this is completely untrue. Fair use almost always hinges on intention – there isn’t any software that is capable of reading a user’s mind and determining intention.

Architecture and Copyright: Order Without Law

The only way to avert the problem of plagiarism is to be a moving target. If your work is copied and that upsets you, it means you waited too long to move on.

Open DRM = Dry Water

That’s the consensus at EFF after we took a look at Sun Microsystem’s plans for an open DRM project perplexingly called “Open Media Commons”