Rhea Myers

Notes From Harold Cohen's Essays

Notes from “What is an image”

Appendix 2 in particular…

AARON keeps a list of co-ordinates for each figure as it is drawing it,

and can access this should very precise intersection be required.

That version of AARON has a maximum of 32 figures.

It marks line cells in various ways. Outline, shading, dividing line &c.;

this kind of rich information might be good to keep.

** Notes from “How To Draw 3 People…”**

p9 for drawing speed, tighness, sampling rate rules.

Skeletons are mapped into the matrix as marked cells.

Do figurative drawings still use ntermediate destinations?

** Notes From “Further Adventures”**

Finished outlines are closed. All contained cells are claimed by the figure.

Matrix resolution is set by (hi-res) monitor resolution, eg 1280 x 1024

The “did not seem to be anything on the shelf” quote is from here.

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