Rhea Myers

Free Culture Roundup

Stupid registration required link from the American version of The Times that is about something interesting to do with theatre and copyrifght expansionism but I now can’t remember what. I’m sure it’s worth going to Bugmenot to get a password for, though:


Last chance to stop the support of litigation by religious extremists act:


A groovy-looking Creative Commons Media Kit. Hopefully it’s not all NC:

The kit includes a flyer explaing CC, a DVD with CC cartoons and videos, and a CD with re-mixed CC licensed music.


The first Libre Graphics Meeting looks excess kewl:

LGM will be a melting pot, with free software graphics developers and artists meeting each other, exchanging ideas and tips, and planning the future of free graphics. Graphics professionals interested in learning about the state of the art in free software are also welcome.


Art is not terrorism:


Free Culture Art Show at New York University:


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