Rhea Myers

Where's Rob?

Last month I was meant to be getting Minara ready for release. I have to admit that I didn’t touch the code all month, and I haven’t been blogging all that much either.

I spent the month writing a catalogue essay for the excellent MANIK and reading novels. Hopefully my MANIK essay will help convince a few more people that MANIK are quite simply How Art Should Be Done. When not worrying what to say about two of my favourite artists I finished a couple of Jeeves & Wooster anthologies and I am now halfway through Steppenwolf.

I have been drawing though, both in sketchbooks and on the A1 business pad I have attached to the back of my bedroom door using self-adhesive hooks. The indexicality of drawing materials, especially business drawing materials, amuses me and I am enjoying subverting them to make my art. I must find my digital camera and upload pictures of what I have been doing.

I also helped map Reading, had meetings for Free Culture UK and Still River, and ‘Pataphysically attended a ‘Pataphysics book launch. Which is to say I didn’t.

If anyone else wants a catalogue essay any time soon the answer is no. Anyone who tells you that writing about art is easier than making it is lying. I should be getting back to work on Minara soon, and draw-something, and even paintr. Just as soon as I finish another review for Furtherfield and finish a couple of flame wars on Rhizome, and find out what happens to Harry Haller…