Rhea Myers

Murray Gould's Music For Dr. Who

I’d like to say that despite my initial misgivings about his musical competence, Murray Gould’s scores for Dr. Who have progressed from kitsch confections of unsubtle, intrusive, mawkish knob-twiddling made by someone who has a repertoire that stretches only from fairground music to the back catalogue of Stock, Aitken & Waterman and that they have become deep, well-fitted, powerful enrichments of the very emotional timbre of every scene.

Sadly in order for me to do this it would have to be true.

Gould’s music still distracts and detracts from the best scenes of Dr. Who. He hasn’t improved, he isn’t going to improve, and he needs replacing. If not with a competent composer then at least with the less grating sound of a looped recording of a dying washing machine fed through a digital delay.

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