Rhea Myers

Radical Publications and Copyright

“No Copyright
No Rights Reserved”

  • Worker-Student Action Committees France May ‘68, R Gregoire & F Perlman, 1969/1991, Black & Red.

“Copyright (c) In The Making, 1978. Alternative publications may reproduce freely provided acknowledgement is made.”

  • In The Making, Number 5 1878, A directory of co-operative projects.

“Our spaceships will have geometries which minimise frontal friction, channel incoming plasma flow into helical (centripedal) internal paths for burning, deflect external (centrifugal) paths for envelope-shaping, push against the background aether-field flow, and shield against internal radiation and magnetic accesses.
We intend to share technology and resources rather than burn bridges. In space, nobody can hear you violate copyright.

The AAA welcomes the reproduction, transmission, storage in any kind of retrieval system, and mutation of this material by those who wish to use it for independent space exploration.”

  • Space Travel By Any Means Necessary! The Fourth Annual Report Of The Association Of Autonomous Astronauts, 1999, Le Mouvement Mars 23 & WICAAA.

Does anyone have any other examples? Non-European and/or non-leftist/anarchist examples would be particularly interesting.

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