Rhea Myers

Divisive Sci Fi

Mars Attacks!

This Tim Burton film with Tom Jones fighting (well, fleeing) early CGI martians made more money in the UK than in America on its first release. It’s knowing kitsch with an enemy that says one thing and does another. Tories will hate the former, Guardianistas will find the latter as incomprehensible in art as they do in real life.

Starship Troopers

An hilarious parody of militarism and media body fascism with amazing aliens and Doogie Howser MD as a Herr Flick lookalike psychic. This tends to out Buffy fans, who hate all the beautiful ubermenchen getting eaten.

Alien 3

This troubled entry in the Alien series divides audiences into those who think it is the worst possible end to the character of Ripley and the whole idea of the Alien series imaginable and those who made the mistake of giving Alien 4 a chance.

Mad Max III

Where did all the corn come from? And where do they get all the food for the pigs?