Rhea Myers

Grammatical Fallacies Exposed

I had the misfortune to find a book called “Economic fallacies Exposed” in Oxfam today. It’s a collection of Market-Hegelian screeds that perform the same cheap trick each time for a presumably captive audience:Firstly an ethical, cultural, environmental (etc.) statement is translated into a fallacious economic statement.Secondly, that fallacious economic statement is shown to be fallacious.Thirdly, this demonstration of fallaciousness is used to dismiss the original statement.The results are stunning. Ethical, cultural, environmental (etc.) statements are shown to be utterly false by a kind of null-underwritten truthiness that would find utter bogosity an unreachable aspiration.To demonstrate the problem with this strategy, here is an excerpt from the book “Grammatical Fallacies Exposed”:**The Free Market Is Benefit At Society.**This is nonsense. Free Markets are therefore evil.**Government Are Baddest To Regulating Corporate Activity, What Harms.**This is double nonsense. Unregulated corporate activity must therefore be prevented by government intervention.**Economists Are Having Understanding Of Economicalityness.**This isn’t even trying to look grammatical. Economists are therefore ignorant dolts.