Rhea Myers


A quick dash from Opentech to the ICA got me to Fiddian Warman’s “Neurotic” art performance in time to order some Myers rum and then to buy an evil weasel from the merchandise stall (which proceeded to cover the inside of my bag with white paint that rubbed off the plastic).

Fiddian built and trained three robots to pogo to punk music. He then installed them in the ICA theatre and had punk bands perform to them for three nights. When the robots’ neural nets decided that the music was punk, they pogoed. When they didn’t recognise the music as punk, the bands got suitably aggravated.

I’m hoping to get a review together.

On a personal note I met lots of ex-CEA (Centre For Electronic Arts, the Middlesex University bunker^D^Dfaculty that I first met Fiddian at) staff and students in the bar. Some I hadn’t seen for over a decade(!), some of whom had sometimes weirdly synergistic news, and all of whom are extremely cool. It was great to meet everyone again, and I must get better at keeping in touch.