Rhea Myers

Script to Convert rms-essays to Plucker Format

#!/bin/bash# Copyright 2009 Rhea Myers rhea@myers.studio# Licenced under the GPL 3 or, at your option, any later version.# Produce a Plucker version of Free Software, Free Society# Some texinfo errors not fixed# Convert eps images to GIFsconvert images/clib.eps images/clib.gifconvert images/code.eps images/code.gifconvert images/flex.eps images/flex.gifconvert images/free_software_song.eps images/free_software_song.gifconvert images/headMain.eps images/headMain.gifconvert images/party.eps images/party.gifconvert images/richard.eps images/richard.gifconvert images/philosophical-gnu.eps images/philosophical-gnu.gif# Fix texinfo problemsperl -pe ’s/@heading{(.*)}/@heading $1/’ -i fs_for_freedom.texi perl -pe ’s/^\input texinfo_times.tex//’ <br> -i rms-essays.texiecho “<br>@ifnottex@alias unnumberedfootnote = footnote@end ifnottex@ifnottex@macro sp1@sp 1@end macro@end ifnottex@include rms-essays.texi” > rms-essays-html.texi# Convert to pluckermakeinfo –html –no-headers –no-split –force -o rms-essays.html <br> rms-essays-html.texiperl -pe ’s/^(<a href="#.+)$/$1<br />/’ <br> -i rms-essays.htmlplucker-build –zlib-compression –stayonhost –bpp=1 –maxwidth=320 -p . <br> -f rms-essays -N “Free Software,Free Society” file://pwd/rms-essays.html