Rhea Myers



Wormwoods is a generative sitcom. Go and take a look.

The characters are based on DGRs, Demo Graphic Replicators. DGRs are code bots that search for tweets matching keywords based on factors such as the time of day and their simulated emotional state then retweet them. I wrote the code for the DGRs (inspired by my earlier draw-something and Cybernetic Artworld), and it’s under the AGPL. I’m very pleased to say that the non-retweet cultural part of Wormwoods is under BY-SA. This is all-copyleft culture, and I’m very proud to have helped make it possible. Marcus is writing the posts and comment dialogue for the DGR-based characters on the blog, and Dave has worked tirelessly to make sure that the tools and concepts are in place to make this happen.

Yes, I’m hyping something I have a hand in but I don’t hand out praise lightly. This is really, really good both as culture (I defy you to read it and not smile at least) and as technical and legal systems. When something that you know the behind-the-scenes details of still makes you laugh when you see it, it must be on to something.