Rhea Myers

A GUI For draw-something

I’ve written a Gtk+ user interface for draw-something to help evaluate its output.

You’ll need the git repository for draw something, and cl-gtk2 installed:

(asdf:oos ‘asdf:load-op :asdf-install)
(asdf-install:install :cl-gtk2-gtk)
(asdf-install:install :cl-gtk2-cairo)

git clone /git/draw-soemthing.git

Then you can run the gtk.lisp script in src:

cd draw-something/src
sbcl –load gtk.lisp

And once you select “New Drawing” you can view the different stages of its development. Which is very useful. I must add a File menu so people can use this to save images as well.

draw-something gui 1

draw-something gui 2