Rhea Myers

The Destiny Of Virus-Infected Drones


Once drones are infected by botnets the criminal gangs who make money by leasing out time on infected machines will have the effect of bringing military drone sorties into the market. As we all know, state monopolies are bad because they prevent the market efficiently allocating resources within society, and armies are the state monopoly on violence. Once drones are subjected to the logic of the market, their correct price will be assigned and their true value revealed.

Expat-funded terrorist groups will be able to bid higher than Guardianista “anti-war-crimes” drives for other people’s money, but in the end they will lose out to spammers. Drones, those avatars of thanatos, will become heralds of eros - flying pornbots broadcasting advertisements for viagra and cialis…

(Via netbehaviour, and with thanks to Dave Miller.)