Rhea Myers

Creating A Morph Using Sick's Sick Player Class

Once you’ve set your LambdaMOO character’s description using @describe me as, set its gender using @gender and set Sick’s Sick Player Class as your character’s parent using @chparent me to #49900 you can add morphs to them.

A morph is an alternate identity for your character. It bundles together an alias, description and other properties describing a character so you can save them and then switch to them quickly later.

Before creating any morphs you should save your character’s initial state by typing:


Then each time you change your character description or any morphs you should type it again.

The command for creating a morph is:

@create-morph <morph-gender> <morph-name> as <morph-description>

where gender is one of the standard LambdaMOO genders and morph-description is a description of the character’s appearance contained in double quotes.

You can then switch to the new morph by typing:

@morph <morph-name>

And you can switch back to your character’s original name and description by typing:

@morph <character-name>

Then whatever your character’s current morph you can create further morphs using @create-morph.

There’s much more you can do with morphs. The documentation for morphing can be found using the help command:

help morphing