Rhea Myers

A 4 by 3 grid of fictitious flags.

SchellingFlags, 2018, Ethereum DApp

“SchellingFlags” is a blockchain-based system for establishing the aesthetics and allegiances of flags in a decentralised way.

Flags are an intersection and encryption of the political and the aesthetic, an assertion of identity and allegiance. They have proliferated off-chain for social phenomena such as nation states and genders.

Focal points, also known as “Schelling points”, are a perceptual phenomenon in game theory. They are values or strategies that people will use because they seem obvious or attractive in a given context.

Using the blockchain, SchellingFlags supports the construction and use of flags as ideological focal points for decentralised social co-ordination. Any individual can create and share a flag, and any individual can support it. The most popular flags are displayed by the SchellingFlags graphical interface to provide a map of its ideological landscape.