Rhea Myers

Streaming Aesthetics


Art Is (Word Cloud), 2014, Processing code.

Images of successive word clouds of counts of artistic terms on Twitter. Via the Straming API, in Processing.

The counts update every five seconds and a new word cloud is generated, the drawing of which is animated.

Due to the way the wordcloud algorithm works, successive compositions can be very different even for only small increases in keyword counts.

art_is wordcloud

Aesthetics (Word Cloud), 2014, Processing code.

Words used after the phrase “art is” on Twitter (minus some stopwords) displayed as a wordcloud.


Art Is (CLI), 2014, Python code.

Running counts of words following the phrase “art is " on Twitter displayed in an (oversized) command-line console.


Aesthetics (CLI), 2014, Python code.

Running totals of aesthetics and art-related terms matched live on Twitter via the streaming API.


Streaming Aesthetics - Shape, 2011, Processing code.

Shapes drawn as their names occur live on Twitter.


Streaming Aesthetics - Colour, 2010, Processing code.

Stripes for colour names as they occur live on Twitter.

Source Code

You can get the code for all these projects here.

And here.

You’ll need to install Processing and to have a Twitter account to use them.