Rhea Myers

Free Culture

Lawrence Lessig’s new book Free Culture is available under a Creative Commons license. I’ve just started reading it and it looks like a very good description of the history and current primacy of the cultural asset-strippers who dirve our “intellectual property” law.
As you know, my art is available under a CC license. Creative Commons are working on a UK-tailored license, and a revised 2.0 license. I’m worried that the 2.0 license will take out too much boilerplate (notably any representation that the licensed work is the licensor;s own) and allow the licensing to be arbitrarily changed (the composite work section of the license). Creative Commons achievements so far have been incredible, I hope they don’t weaken their licenses to please a vocal minority of bandwagon-jumping bloggers and weekend DJs otherwise I’m going to have to stick with CC 1.0.