Rhea Myers

Dropping A Constraint on rheart (ouch)

The previous images from rheart used “convex hulls” (shapes with no inward-heading lines) to draw around. Dropping the convexity (and also the non-intersection) constraint by using a random set of points (and taking out the skeleton for the last three) gives results like this:

There’s some cases where the drawing algorithm can’t find its way around such a random set of lines. It’s useful to see this for debugging. You can’t see it on these small images, but the lines are still slightly random as a result of the pathfinding algorithm (which is the effect I want).
I quite like these shapes, they’re like some of my early Blobs prototypes. The rounded corners are an emergent property of the drawing algorithm, which is nice because I wanted this effect but I hadn’t worked out how to get it yet. :-)