Rhea Myers

The Score

One problem with the current Creative Commons licenses is that they are used to license end products rather than cultural materials. So the recording is licensed, not the score. The film is licensed, not the CGI models. The image is licensed, not the preparatory work. The CC licenses look like licenses for end-users who will simply distribute content, rather than producer-consumers who will work with culture. The very name “Open Content”, rather than Free Culture, gives this impression.
This is an educational rather than a conceptual problem, and can be fixed. people must make sure that they provide the code with the binary -uh- they must make sure that they provide the midi files and samples with the MP3, the tex file with the document, the preparatory work and the graphic elements with the image, the screenplay and the CGI elements with the video. That way the work is much better placed to be worked with and extended rather than simply distributed and consumed.