Rhea Myers

Draw Something More

The next thing I want to get Draw Something to do is to assemble and draw figures made from several simpler shapes.
The current system starts with a set of random points (or lines, depending on how you look at it), finds the “convex hull” (the simplest shape that contains them), then draws around that. This is a very, very simple analogue to constructive drawing for illustration where shapes are built up around a skeleton or armature and then drawn around to construct a figure. It is a similarly simply analogue to artistic observation and rendering of some part of the visible world.
Following these comparisons, Draw Something assembling simple shapes (convex hulls again) into more complex figures will trivially model assembling or revising a composition from preparatory sketches. The shapes will be generated randomly on the page then moved into position so that they all overlap (making multiple figures is a future task). I like the idea of drawing the starting lines and hulls in light blue, the assembled hulls in darker blue (or red), and the finished outline in black to show how the figure has been assembled (the colours come from drawing for animation).
I was worried that this was an arbitrary task to set the program until I realised that making simpler shapes, composing them and outlining them is exactly how I constructed my “Blobs”. So in fact this is a task I have productively set myself in the past, and it will be interesting to see what Draw Something makes of it.