Rhea Myers


2004 was good, on balance.

I completed 1968 and 1969, began rheart and minara, got work into Rhizome ’s artbase, and exchanged emails with Harold Cohen.

I listened to Meme, Auf der Maur, Interpol, Unkle and The Killers.

And on the Free Culture front I read, well Free Culture, and listened to Meme, People Like Us and “The Grey Album”.

This year I want to do postcards, screen-printing and even a show. I’ve more to do on rheart and minara. And there’s arrows and remixes to do, as well as more old work to put online (including some remixes from 1993!).

I’m hoping to do even more good stuff in 2005.

Happy new year!

And, yes, there’s no escape - please give some money to help offset the South-East Asia Earthquake/Tsunami disaster. You don’t need an overarching ideology to demand that you do so; if something this bad happened to you, wouldn’t you want people to help you? We recommend UNICEF.