Rhea Myers

Bloc Party: Silent Alarm

Songs to listen to after the end of a ten-year relationship should probably go something like:

“It’s so cold in this house… Like drinking poison, like eating glass.”

So ‘Silent Alarm’ by Bloc Party is ideal for me just now. There’s a good measure of dark and acutely observed songs on the album. But there’s beauty as well, as in the current single “So Here We Are”. It’s a good range, musically as well as emotionally. I’ve no idea who Gang Of Four are, so Bloc Party sound like the Cure, The Police, New Order, and other late 1970s/ early 1980s influences that I can’t quite place. Which isn’t to say that this is pastiche, it isn’t, it’s poetic lyrics and driven music that works very well and sounds fresh and young. In some places it sounds a little too young, as if Bloc Party haven’t been to Hamburg yet, but that just means that they have more potential for the future.