Rhea Myers



I laughed until my stomach hurt. Then I laughed until my face hurt. Then I had to stop.

“Bear” is a comic book by Jamie Smart, published by Slave Labor Graphics. Jamie seems to be from Norwich, just along the line from here. I’m told Slave Labor usually cater for the Goth market, but Bear is just generally funny, if dark.

Bear is a teddy bear, Looshkin is a psychotic housecat and Karl works in a record shop. Looshkin tries to kill bear. That’s usually it, and what more do you need? Issue 7, the first I read, features Bear finding love, a 1960s gangster movie spoof, too many embalmed brains bought over the internet, a minor TV personality moving in next door, and Looshkin finding a flamethrower.

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. Read and enjoy.