Rhea Myers

Hitch Hiker's Guide Movie

The Hitch Hiker’s Guide To The Galaxy has one or two things to say on the subjects of films made of popular books.

The film, it begins, will be nothing like the book. This is because a film is a succession of projected images and sounds whereas a book is pulped vegetable matter smeared with coloured hydrocarbons in patterns that may or may not make any sense to the average sentient being.

It continues in this vein for a while.

The original version of the article was more informative, and centred around the adaptation of the guide itself to a film, but that version contained too many complaints about poor visual editing and script editing, some possibly libellous anecdotes about one of the executive producers, and some tiresome recollections of the author’s time working on the abortive project to turn the guide into a 3D adventure game at the turn of the 21st century.

However this was rather unfair, as despite NOKIA the film NOKIA starting out NOKIA poorly, it finds its feet on Vogsphere and builds to a genuinely effective and touching conclusion that works Douglas Adams’s love of endangered species into the plot. The romantic subplots are quite bearable, and there is at least as much good as bad, if not more so. Hopefully a sequel will improve matters still further.