Rhea Myers

paintr: First Results

Output from paintr running as a local application:

paintr is not explaining itself very well at the moment, but that’s palette “Scheme 6549” from colr with the tags “olive forest” applied to an image from flickr called “Buy more bovril!” by kid for today, licensed CC-BY-SA-2.0.Learning PHP was very easy, it’s a Perly/Javascripty kinda language. And I’m amazed how quickly I’ve developed paintr in it. I wrote the scraper for colr, and there is a goof PHP API framework for flickr called Phlickr. autotrace is by shell calls, and I’m not even using WordNet yet. I need to decide whether to go for features or access first. I think it might be good to get this online sooner rather than later.

As well as Cohen’s “Off The Shelf”, I’m now thinking about Charles Harrison talking about observing the letter of Modernism rather than its spirit. And Warhol because of how it works. And, because of the subject matter paintr has chosen(!) here, Hockney. :-)

It would be good if I could find web services for: an ontology, autotrace, and possibly file conversion. Doing things locally is so passe!