Rhea Myers

Liquid Culture

Liquid Culture 5.06 was a well-organised and very engaging event. Concentrating on Free Software and Free Culture together is absolutely what is needed. Overviews of Free Software, software patents and Creative Commons licenses were given, with case studies of “Open Source” software from Goldsmiths and free culture from Remix Reading. Siva’s dissenting response at the end was excellent, and nobody really disagreed with him. :-)

The speakers were all good, the discussion was heated, and I met Tom and Ed from Remix Reading. Who are cool.

One person who knew me from a mailing list said that they expected me to have a big beard. I must change my net presence. I don’t even have a goatee.

I handed out some CDs of my work that I’d made and grabbed lots of flyers and leaflets.

Video of the event was recorded but that doesn’t seem to be online yet. Various people had materials that I think should end up online but the only URL I have to hand is:


for Alex’s talk.

Liquid Culture is definitely a project to watch.