Rhea Myers


I wanted to remix images again, and I found an image at Remix Reading that appealed to me. It was a posterised photograph of a street in Reading by Tom Chance, and it had lots of shapes (probably tracing artefacts) that I liked quite independently of any descriptive function they had. I autotraced the image and took the shapes I wanted, arranging them into new compositions, subconsciously influenced by the Matisse prints at my local McDonalds and some ceramic drinks coasters that my mother made.

Mackenzie Wark regards hacking as releasing pure virtuality, which I take to mean latent or unrealised potential. Paul Miller regards remixing as an interrogation of meaning. The two are at odds, as remixing is hacking, but they are complementary, as meaning is not finite. Even a single image has so much potential.

I made the first image Evie was away, then when she came back and told me she was going away for good I dedicated it to her. It seemed fitting. These goth-Matisse pieces are the anti-Blim, at the other end of ten years of my life. The title is a reference to a comment on ‘The Creative Remix’ about remixes of classical poems, but also refers to a section of a hymn or poem. Again it seemed fitting.

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