Rhea Myers

paintr reworked

colr.org going down has forced a switch to colourlovers.com, which in turn has caused me to reconsider paintr.


This image is derived from Jaen Whuf’s the GNE by Stacie, and is therefore licensed under a Creative Commons License

I want to use folksonomies as the externalised knowledgebase and opinionbase of online humanity, the ironised triumph of classical artificial intelligence. Each folksonomy must be exemplary in its class.

These folksonomies are to be used by a process that makes something “almost, but not entirely, quite unlike” art. A parodically simple ‘social history of art’ view of the production of art would be that an artist identifies some social need and produces an aesthetic account of or resolution for this.

So paintr should:

  1. Go to technorati, find some of the most popular tags.

  2. Find an image at flickr with these tags.

  3. Find a palette and apply this.

A more Adorno-influenced paintr would use wordnet to find the opposites of the tags in order to provide a critique, or possibly invert the palette.

Technorati Tags: aesthetics, art, folksonomies, [generative art](http://technorati.com/tag/generative art)