Rhea Myers

Tesla and Free Energy

Tesla rocks. I went to the Tesla museum whilst in Belgrade, and I saw a Tesla Coil operating (which impressed the kids standing near it holding neon tubes). The idea of transmitting energy, and the idea of radiant energy receivers, both Tesla ideas, are two types of Free Energy.

Transmitted Energy is free because, once the energy is transmitted, you can’t control who uses it. It is “free for all”. Tesla’s unfinished Wardenclyffe Tower was designed to transmit energy. And any radio station does, although not in useful amounts for modern electronics (I built a crystal radio as a kid, though).

Radiant Energy is free because anyone can extract it. If this design strikes you as crank science, just think of solar power instead. Radiant Energy is also distributed creation of energy rather than the distributed consumption of energy from a central transmitter.

Free Energy as it currently stands is crank science. But a free information society rests on energy, and it rests on non-renewable and non-free (unshared) energy at the moment. Moving to an ideal of and a system for Free Energy, by which I mean renewable and distributed energy, is going to look a lot more urgent when people add up how many barrels of oil it takes to support their internet habit.

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