Rhea Myers

The State Of Art

The state of Art is hereby declared. For now its government must sit in exile.

Head of State.

The Head Of State is called The Curator. They appoint themself and must re-appoint themself every two years.


The parliament consists of four Critics, one for each corner of the state. They are to appoint themselves every four years. If no appointment can be reached then parliament shall be dissolved and elections called.

Holidays, Festivals.

The festival of Opening Night shall be celebrated regularly, with merry-making, vitriol and free alcohol by order. £There are no holidays. Art never rests.


Citizens of the state of Art are known as “Artists”. Citizens of Art gain no priveledges or responsibilities by virtue of their citizenship. £Art welcomes applications for joint citizenship.


The laws of Art are the laws of aesthetics and composition. Whilst all volumes are not created equal, we must strive to make them harmonious in their parts.


The territory of Art will be its map, and vice versa.


The flag of Art is a Malevich square. As is its map.

National Anthem.

Cage’s 4.32 is the national anthem of Art.

GNP, National Debt and Resources.

The worth of Art cannot be measured monetarily.

Internet Top-Level Domain.

Art will propose .rt as its Internet top-level domain name. If this is unavailable, .ae will be accepted.

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