Rhea Myers


Second Life allows you to set a “non-transferrable” flag on objects. This means that if someone buys the object they cannot then re-sell it.

In the real world you can re-sell things that you buy. It’s only with the event of software and digital media that companies are trying to get around this with end-user licenses and DRM.

As this Guardian article argues, if companies want to sell you songs that evaporate when you stop paying for them, the companies should be willing to accept money that evaporates when they stop giving you access to the music you have paid for.

And it should be the same for Second Life. So I propose Noney. Noney is like money, only not transferrable. If someone sells you an object and insists on making it non-transferrable, they should be willing to accept payment on the same basis.

Anyone who isn’t a hypocrite and who asks for n Linden Dollars payment for something non transferrable will gladly accept n Nonies. They can have as much Noney as they like, but they cannot transfer it, only destroy it when they get tired of it or decide they are fed up with it.

Just need to upload various denomination textures and script the notes. Or possiby a gift voucher. :-)

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