Rhea Myers

Busy Busy

So I went to help out at Remix Reading’s open access lab two Saturdays ago.

On Tuesday I met up with the extremely cool Jon Philips of Creative Commons (amongst other projects). Then I discussed Ken Wark’s “Hacker Manifesto” (buy! buy!) with Tom Chance. Then I discussed free culture with Dave.

On Sunday 19th March I’m hoping to get to Cory Doctorow’s last Copyfighters’ drunken brunch in the morning then to Dorkfest in the afternoon where I’ll be talking about draw-something.

On Thursday 23rd March I’ll be talking about my work and discussing art computing with the panel at Cybersalons’s Creative Software conference.

Then on Saturday 8th April it’s fc-uk’s practical free culture meetup, where I hope to talk about free art. I believe I am the first artist to have had an all-copyleft solo show (corrections in the comments section please :-) ).

So this is why I am not blogging very much at the moment. :-)