Rhea Myers

Notes Towards Free Culture

Prominent VC: Abolish software patents!

When even venture capitalists start attacking software patents, and Paul Graham starts defending them, you know something is wrong.

How Sun’s “open DRM” dooms them and all they touch

The important part is the truth of the “DRM”, not the lie of the “open”. Finding the middle ground between DRM and freedom is like finding the most palatable mix of excrement and ice cream.

Copyright maximalist troll gets screwed by DRM

Losing all your course materials thanks to DRM should give you some kind of hint that DRM is not entirely benign.

REVIEW: Lev Manovich on Remix Culture, by Trebor Scholz

Wasn’t Lev big on new media art a little while back? More people seem to be making the jump (although I still get more Art Computing gigs than Free Culture gigs).

More free culture meetups

Tom Chance on free culture meetups in the UK. Things are definitely picking up here now.