Rhea Myers

Remixed Reading

Remix Reading is hosting a unique art exhibition in the Riverside Museum at Blake’s Lock for the weekend of Friday 28th - Sunday 30th April, open from 10am-4pm.The exhibited artists won our competition that asked artists to remix either the town of Reading or existing works on the Remix Reading web site. Winning entries came from a wide range of individuals, from professional artists to children in a local refugee support group.All of the works are released under Creative Commons licenses, which allow you to customise your copyright so others can use, share and remix you work. Remix Reading stands in the company of the Beastie Boys, Brazilian culture minister Gilberto Gil and many other supporters of Creative Commons in hosting this exhibition. Visitors are encouraged to create their own remixes of exhibited works and share them on our web site. It was the use of these licenses for the original works that allowed many of the exhibited artists to create their winning entries.Ali Clark, curator, said: “The exhibition will be a celebration of the diverse culture of Reading, and of the creative freedom promoted by Remix Reading. I hope many people will be inspired to create and share their own remixes with the community.“Details of the exhibition, including the address of the gallery, are here:http://www.remixreading.org/events