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Why Apple is to blame for iTunes DRM

Many Apple fans were upset that Defective by Design targeted iTunes/iPod DRM, claiming that Apple can’t be held responsible for its decision to use its technology to control instead of empower its customers. Seth expertly addresses each of these arguments, showing that Apple’s embrace of DRM has been enthusiastic, abusive and thoroughgoing, not merely a necessity of the market.

Two from Joy Garnett (You really should be reading NewsGrist):

Newly Launched: The Fair Use Network

This is the site we’ve all been waiting for, the hub of “all things fair use”, a newly launched online resource tailored for artists, scholars and creative people that includes practical resources, reference guides and glossaries, a budding attorney network, and a nifty newsfeed in the left sidebar generated by their internal blog….


Susan M. Bielstein distills decades of experience as an editor of illustrated books for a guide to navigating the treacherous waters of copyright, Permissions, A Survival Guide: Blunt Talk about Art as Intellectual Property. She gives frank advice on how to determine whether an artwork is copyrighted, how to procure a high-quality reproduction, how to use “fair use” to your advantage, and many other issues.

RIAA finds a new way to alienate its customers


The RIAA is sending C&Ds; to kids who post videos of themselves dancing

to music on YouTube, because the kids – who are giving musicians free

viral marketing – haven’t paid a license fee._

Slashdot | Another Sky Press Driving Neo-Patronage

Another Sky Press is making a serious go of the neo-patronage / tip jar model

Read the slashdot comments for other similar projects.

TV teen sex orgy complaints came from people who never saw the show

They were just robotically following the orders of their cult leaders at the PTC and the American Family Association