Rhea Myers

WRTJ Participation

The Baby Cow team filming WRTJ have used suggestions and even entire scripts from the WRTJ Wiki as the basis of various episodes. But audience participation in WRTJ has gone much further.

• Someone has written themself into the script as a character.
• Someone has written their house into the script as a location.
• Someone has written their existing fictitious character into the script.
• A TV station has written one of its journalist into the script.
• A radio station has written itself into the script as a setting for an episode set in a radio station.
• The German branch of The Church of Scientology are trying to write themselves in.
• And more examples are coming.

The advantage of having Baby Cow film all this is that the results are a coherent whole. This contrasts with “User Generated Content”, which requires a video clips format or other framing device to be drawn together into a coherent whole.

To use a slightly strained Free Software metaphor, Baby Cow are in charge of the distro and they are the ones who make the build.

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