Rhea Myers

draw-something Project Plan

Here are my current plans for draw-something. They are subject to change.

  1. Relicence as GPL 3. Done.

  2. Ensure that colouring code works properly.

  • Check that it matches Cohen’s description.
  • Do this in chordinator?
  1. Tune up “Interesting Points” system.
  • Make 100 images and try to code away unpleasant features.
  1. Finish basic simple & large -> complex & small figure plane system.

  2. Move to more complex “figures & developments” system.

  3. More figure types.

  • Currently there are polylines, polygons and hulls.
  • Add points, circles, arcs, linesets, circlesets.
  1. Switch to integer maths or at least whole-pixel offsets.
  • Error based line drawing?
  1. Relational groups.
  • Literal mirror, scale, rotate of core skeleton.
  • Conceptual groups e.g. “5 points”, “all same size/area”.
  1. Tagging scheme.
  • Tag interesting points to get clusters, relations.
  • Tag each development to guide later developments.
  • Basic implimenteation e.g. plist of symbols.

A. Solve presentation problem.

  • Do it like current AARON or like Copycat, drawing screen & log screen.
  • Ltk seems best bet.
  • Dump drawing and commentary as event log to (e.g.) Java based player.

B. Make sketch program & development program & colour program?

  • UNIX pipeline.
  • Make each component simpler.
  • Like Kazushi’s systems.

C. Representational imagery?

D. Pixmap/crop-based system or faster vector-based hit testing? (See 7.)

E. Stop using CVS? Just release tarballs?

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