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Support the Commons | Creative Commons

Support the Commons | Creative Commons

Please help Creative Commons in their annual funding drive.

I have put time and money into supporting CC over the last few years (I’m not just a mailing-list-activist) because they are doing something positive for Free Culture. So if you are not a fan of NC and ND, and I’m certainly not, don’t let that stop you supporting SA.

I got a letter from Lessig suggesting some good ways to support the funding drive (centred around the theme of “five”) but I can’t find a copy online. Does anyone know if it’s out there anywhere? Lessig suggests:

  • Using 5 CC licenced works.

  • Licencing 5 new works (I say make them BY-SA!)

  • Introducing 5 new people to Creative Commons.

  • Giving 50% more to CC this year than you did last year

And spreading the campaign, which I’m doing here.

Support CC!