Rhea Myers

Furny And Licencing

furny are a band with a shitty website. No, that’s their own words. What isn’t shitty about furny is their licencing.

Like Negativland and Loca records, furny started with a strong idea of the ethics of music production and distribution born of encounters with the legal realities of sampling before the modern alternative licencing movement emerged at the turn of the century. So like Negativland and Loca they wrote their own licence.

In 1998, which is well before the first Open Content Licence or the FDL.

furny’s first licence was a basic attribution licence (do what you like and attribute the band), but again like Negativland and Loca they have since switched to a Creative Commons’s licence. In furny’s case this is the copyleft BY-SA licence.

The striking thing about furny’s commitment to Free Licencing is that it is simply part of their attitude towards making music. furny take musical and lyrical inspiration from diverse sources, taking aim at everything from their guitarist’s father to Pete Doherty, and they don’t want to get in the way of anyone else doing the same.