Rhea Myers

Mantaray II

If I wanted to make this blog linkbait I would just post snarky comments about Goth icons’ latest offerings and watch the Adwords revenue come pouring in.

But I don’t. So when people get the wrong end of a slightly more nuanced stick than I feel they are giving me credit for I feel I need to revisit what I have written.

This means that I have four things to say about my comments on Mantaray:

  1. I like the album. I said I did. It has grown on me even more with repeated listening, and it was great to see Siouxsie on Later With Jools Holland.

  2. I stand by my comments about Siouxsie’s inconsistent pronunciation of ts as ds. Compare even words in the same song never mind different songs or previous albums. I concede that I cannot know why this is the case.

  3. I also stand by my comments about the music. It is content by the traditional two producers. It is competent content, and probably all that is possible at this point in history, but it is still a comparative disappointment as a backing for such excellent vocals.

  4. If you love music then be willing to look inside the box rather than just accepting the marketing speak. Content isn’t questioned and makes no mistakes.

Just to re-iterate: I have some criticisms about Mantaray’s production (none of which are aimed at Siouxsie, who is on top form here) that I hope can be addressed for the next album, but it’s a very good album so go and buy it.