Rhea Myers

Designing Problems are for the Lazy « Zero influence

_It may seem dull, but understanding how a carrot grows is essential to a farmer. Understanding how Photoshop works is not necessary to use it, but to get the best from the system-as-application, knowing more about the under lying code is more important than understanding complementary colours. That's why Rob's Minara is such a smart way to think about the relationship between design and software._ - [Designing Problems are for the Lazy « Zero influence](http://zeroinfluence.wordpress.com/2008/01/02/designing-problems-are-for-the-lazy/)

Dave talks about The Joneses and design in general and kindly mentions Minara along the way. I should point out that despite a tutor’s once confusing my choice of some horribly coloured paper with a choice of horrible colours I do understand complimentary colours OK. It’s orange I have trouble with. ;-)

Minara 2 / Minara 0.1 / Orlando is progressing nicely. Common Lisp is a wonderful language to work with.