Rhea Myers

Open Art History

Open Art History is a proposed project to gather and distribute
reproductions of artworks and art historical documents. Art is a form of
knowledge, and art history is a way of presenting that knowledge. Access
to high quality reproductions of images of art and to literature & data
concerning art history is of great value to artists, critics, art
historians, art theorists and educators.


The initial aim of the project is to identify standards for data and image formats for projects.

The pilot project for Open Art History will be Open Hogarth. This is due
to the availability and comparative ease of reproduction of Hogarth’s
work, its social and historical relevance, its art historical
importance, and its popularity with the general public. Hogarth’s
literary nature is also a link to the Open Literature project, and his
place in the history of the copyright of art makes him an interesting
subject for a Free Knowledge project.



The initial aim of the project is to find sources for high-quality
digital photographs or scans of Hogarth etchings online.

If you have any comments or suggestions then please post to the okf-discuss list,
join in the OKF IRC meeting on Wednesday, and/or add material to the OKF Wiki.