Rhea Myers

The Agile Artist 2 - Web 2.0 Productivity

There are many Web 2,0 sites that allow you to organize projects using Wikis, checklists of to-do items, calendars and other systems. These can be of use to artists.

37 Signals are the leaders in this area but their work is not Free Software so I recommend Joyent’s Connector and Wikidot instead, or even better software installed on your own server.

Two posts from 37 Signals’s blog illusttrate how to use Web 2.0 productivity services to help organize art practice.


Use a todo/checklist service to remind you of ideas you have yet to try or tasks that you need to complete for a project. Then when you return to the project after an interruption you can quickly remind yourself of what needs doing.


](http://37signals.blogs.com/products/2008/08/backpack-helps.html)Use a wiki-style service to gather research materials such as images, references and notes for a project.

Although these examples are for software develoment and an academic research respectively it is easy to see how their lessons can be used to help organize art porjects.