Rhea Myers

The Agile Artist 3 - Getting Real

Getting Real” is 37 Signals’ book of advice for developing internet software more quickly, more easily, and more successfully. As with “Getting Things Done”, this may not at first sound particularly relevant for making art. But Getting Real’s approach to projects is a very dynamic and creative one, and even if not all of its details are appropriate for art making (or for every artist), there’s lots of good ideas if you take the time to map them onto art practice.

To pick a few section headings…

I always try to solve my own problems in art, I can never get enthusiastic about art for an external agenda. I usually pick a fight when
making art, many of my series of works are ironizations of worldviews I
disagree with or of artists whose work I dislike. I try to get at least one piece in a series finished as soon as possible to keep up my morale. I give samples away for free
with images of work available on the website and as postcards and other
physical items available from me in person. And I always try to give
series of works memorable names.

Just read “art” for “software” and “studio” for “organization” and much of it makes sense, or is at least thought provoking. The chapters on “Staffing”, “Code”, “Interface Design” and “Words” won’t be relevant. Do surprise me in the comments, though… ;-) .