Rhea Myers

LP - Scheduling

The first day of talks at Libre Planet was scheduled, the second day was open to suggestions. These were gathered using sticky notes and organized on a wiki. This worked very well, with a good balance of thorough presentations of projects and issues and more open discussions.

With three concurrent tracks on the second day there was no avoiding some talks being more popular than others. In particular the impromptu mobile phone talk was a big draw.

Some people would have liked time to hack, which is definitely something to bear in mind for next year. When I first visited the FLOSS Manuals book sprint base room I was worried by how few people were in there, but I later found out that not only were people joining in online but that people at the conference were adding to the book using the wireless network while sat in other rooms. So hack events can be both a useful focus and more distributed than I had previously thought.

From the leaders of well known charities through representatives of corporations large and small to college students, everyone had a say. There were even impromptu musical performances.

The FSF are soliciting feedback from attendees here.