Rhea Myers

2009 Good Stuff

In January the sources for Goto 10’s “Floss+Art” book were released, which feature the expanded version of my essay “Open Source Art Again”.

In March I went to the FSF’s “Libre Planet” conference, which was great. Thanks to Mako for the sofa!

In December I went to Goto 10’s “Make Art” conference to talk about Foocorp’s libre.fm project, which went live in April.

Furtherfield continued to publish my reviews. I find writing reviews very hard, and it’s always good when I get feedback, I think my most popular review on that basis was the one of Pall Thayer’s excellent Microcodes.

CIAC published some different reviews, which gave me a good chance to review work I wouldn’t have had a chance to otherwise.

And I finished a good number of projects, including The Cybernetic Artworld, The Colour Of News, The Colour Of, the code for the Demo Graphic Replicators, and Random Aesthetics.

A big thank you to everyone whose material and moral support made this all possible. I feel very lucky to have got to do so much good stuff this year. I hope to do even more next year.