Rhea Myers

Explor Update

example6.png I have updated my Explor compiler.

The new version uses a shared library for the Explor functions, and cats the source file to the Fortran compiler along with a file that contains the “END” command rather than creating an intermediate file.

You’ll need git, autotools, libtool and g77 installed. On Fedora the command to install them is something like:

su -c “yum install git gcc-gfortran libtool autoconf automake”

Fetch the source code:

git clone /git/explor.git

Set up the build environment:

cd explor



And install:

su -c “make install”

You can then make a test image:

cd examples
explor example6.explor

This will print messages something like this:

Compiling example6.explor to example6
Running example6 with output to example6.ps

And if you open the resulting .ps file, you’ll see the image at the top of this post.